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help > skills > dodge
Skill        :   Dodge
Class        :   Thief, Thug, Changeling (fox form)
Skill type   :   Active
Stats Base   :   Dex, Int, Con
Cost         :   15 spell points
Time         :   Instant
Syntax       :   do dodge (optional: aggressively, passively/off)
Example      :   do dodge
                 do dodge aggressively
                 do dodge off

Using cunning tricks and all out blocks, all attacks can be
deflected or redirected,  saving your beautiful face from harm.

The act of dodging takes no action and you can immediately try
another skill.

Dodge can be toggled on by selecting "aggressively" or turned off
by selecting "passively" or "off". If toggled on, you will
automatically attempt to dodge while performing a major attack like
backstab or bludgeon.

When you dodge you have a great chance of ignoring hitbacks
while performing backstab or bludgeon.