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help > skills > trapmaking
Skill       :   Trapmaking   
Skill Type  :   Active
Cost        :   25 sp
Stats Base  :   Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity
Classes     :   Hunter, Bandit
Syntax      :   do trapmaking [ list | <trap type> ]
Examples    :   do trapmaking  
            :   do trapmaking snare
            :   do trapmaking list

The trapmaker is able to build a small trap to catch game
or bigger foe.  Depending on how well the trap is constructed
determines the life of the trap.  A poorly made trap will fall
victim to the elements and become useless.

The following traps can be made:

    pungi   -- long, sharp, poison tipped spikes;
               immediate damage, plus poison in the
               victims system
    snare   -- lasso tied to a tree; when sprung, the
               victim is flipped upside-down and suspended
               from a tree; by cutting the rope they can
               be set free
    firepit -- a pit of fire; the pit is originally unlit;
               a falling object into the pit causes flint
               to spark and ignite the kindling; the victim
               must climb out of the pit