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help > skills > preparation
Skill        :   Preparation
Class        :   Thief
Cost         :   20
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   1 Round
Stats Base   :   Intelligence
Syntax       :   do preparation [<target>] 
Examples     :   do preparation 
                 do preparation razan

A thief is the master of observation.  Whether it's observing his
surroundings for a clever hiding place or the precise place to place
a blade in his enemy's back, the thief is very astute.  Using the
preparation skill the thief can spend a round taking stock
of his target's armor and look for weaknesses where the thief can
slide a dagger in or exploit a material weakness.

Once the thief is prepared, he remains prepared for that target
for some period of time.  The thief's skill in preparation helps
determine not only what kind of weaknesses he can find but also
how long he can remember and exploit them.  Thieves tend to be less
intimidated by targets they have studied closely.

Prepared for a target, the thief's backstabs will do more damage
as the thief utilizes his prior reconnaissance.  While the action
of preparation is not aggressive, it must be done outside of

You can perform preparation on a target you are already prepared
for.  This does not stack the benefits from preparation but merely
resets the timer so that preparation will not run out as quickly.
A thief might use this to refresh his memory of the weaknesses in
an opponent's armor before he forgets.