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help > skills > rework
Skill        :   Rework
Skill type   :   Active
Stats Base   :   Int, and some others
Cost         :   20 Spell Points per item (half cost in wars)
                 Never more than 100 sp.
Time         :   1 round per item (half time in wars)
Syntax       :   do rework [weapon|armour|all]
Example      :   do rework staff
This skill allows one to work on a piece of equipment, sharpening it,
relacing it, rebalancing it, removing dents from it, or whatever
else one can do to improve the quality of the equipment. Be warned,
working on your equipment can be dangerous, a sudden start, such as
movement or being hit, can cause one's hand to slip and damage the
equipment. One can also simply damage the equipment if one is not
careful or practiced enough in the skill. The improvement, or damage,
will gradually be negated by time.