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help > skills > forge
Skill        :   Forge
Skill type   :   Active
Stats Base   :   Str, Dex, Int
Cost         :   50 sp (20 during wars)
Time         :   3 rounds (1 round during wars)
Syntax       :   do forge <armour|weapon> <light|heavy|mythic>
Example      :   do forge mace
                 do forge gloves
                 do forge dagger light
                 do forge sword mythic (once 1000 Quest Points)
This skill allows one to forge armour and weaponry from metal. The
quality of the equipment will vary depending on the location. Forging
equipment in a forge will create much better equipment. 

Skilled smiths are able to customize their weapons by making them
lighter or heavier, depending on their particular preference.

Seasoned warriors who have journeyed the lands of Tsunami and have 
accumulated 1000 quest points have learnt the ability to forge mythic 
weapons and armour of great power. The new syntax is 'do forge <type> mythic'.

Centaur however will not be able to forge mythic body armour or boots
and Minotaur will not be able to forge mythic boots.  For these regular
forging will need to suffice.