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help > spells > summon
Spell        :   Summon
Class        :   Wu-Jen, Chaosmage, Necromancer, Enchanter
Sphere       :   Spirit
Level        :   5
Cost         :   20 (adjusted by modifier)
Spell Type   :   Teleportation
Casting Time :   2 rounds
Syntax       :   cast summon <target>
                 cast summon set <target>
                 cast summon recall
Examples     :   cast summon galan
                 cast summon -10 crom
                 cast summon set orc 2

The summon spell allows the caster to summon a player or monster to
his or her location.

You can only summon a creature if you are aware of its true name.
Most of the time this is a simple enough matter, but quite often some
creatures share names, or the true name is not readily available. In
such cases, where you want to summon a specific individual, you can
use the 'set' parameter. To do so, you must actually go to the
creature's location, and 'cast summon set <creature>' Once done, you
can then summon that specific creature using the 'recall' parameter.
A 'set' target must be the very next one you summon. Any attempt to
summon another creature in between will erase the one you have set,
and you'd have to go set it all over again. Using the 'set' parameter
has a cost of half the usual cost for a summon.  In either case, all
summons are treated the same, as far as cost, effects, and

Some creatures don't like being summoned and will attack the caster
once summoned.  Also summon will not work in magic proof areas.
Summon is resisted.

Summoning someone against their will is an aggressive act.  In order
to _let_ someone summon you, type 'permit <who> summon'.
See also: help modifiers, help permit, help spell gate