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help > newplayer
-=-=-=-[ help newplayer ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Welcome to Tsunami MUD!

If you are new to MUDs, take a look at the bottom half of this document.

Since this is unlikely your first MUD, the quickest way to get you started
is to talk about some of the major aspects unique to Tsunami:

    * Starting areas - Please see [help newbieareas] for a nice list
                       of newbie areas to start your adventures.

    * Wars - Every so often, the MUD shuts down and comes back up in
             "war mode".  The war lasts until there is a victorious
             player or team, and the MUD will then restart and come
             back in "normal" mode for an extended period of time.

             All participants are awarded experience or gold, and
             the better you do, the more you get. You won't lose any
             experience if you die in the war.

             To see when the next war is scheduled to start see the
             [wartime] command.  To learn more about wars, please see
             [help war].

    * Experience - You do not need to go to a guild hall to raise your
                   stats, skills, spells, songs or prayers.  As you kill
                   monsters, play wars and do quests you earn "spendable"
                   experience.  This may be spent to raise stats, skills,
                   spells and so on, using the [exp] command. (see [help exp]).
                   You start off with 2,000 spendable experience points.

                   To see your current stat and skill levels, see the
                   [stats], [skills], [spells], [prayers] and [songs]
                   commands.  (Note your class may not have all of

                   Note:  spending experience does not subtract from the
                   "total" experience you have gained, only "spendable"
                   experience.  Your level is determined by your "total"
                   experience.  Please see [help exp] for more information
                   on the [exp] command and [help levels] for more information
                   on levels.

    * Basic commands - See [help COMMAND] for more information on each
                       of these commands.  For a full listing of commands
                       available to you, see [help commandlist].

                       [kill] - Attack a monster or player
                       [score] - Find out about yourself
                       [exp] - Enter "exp" mode (spend your experience)
                       [look] or [l] - Look at your room or an object
                       [town] - A free teleport to town (until lvl 10)
                                was replaced by hearthstone functionality
                                see [help hearthstone]

                       [alias] - A way for players to setup shortcut keys.
                                 Can be setup for a whole account.  
                                 E.g. alias account k kill

                       [eat / bury] - Eat an item, or a corpse if you are inclined.
                            For non-monster types you may want to bury
                            You can also eat all corpse or bury all corpse.
                       [take <item> / take all] - Take items from the room you are in.

                       [skills / prayers / spells / songs / forms] -
                             Will show the current level of your raised skills.
                       [stats / stats full] - Will show the current level of stats.
                       [do] - Perform a skill (see [skills])
                       [cast] - Cast a spell (see [spells])
                       [pray] - Perform a prayer (see [prayers])
                       [sing] - Sing a song (see [songs])
                       [shift] - Shift into a form (see [forms])

                       [eq / equipment] - Will show the equipment you are
                                          currently wearing.

                       [tell] - Send a private message to a player
                       [shout] - Shout a message to the whole MUD
                       [chat] - Talk on the "chat" channel (see [channels])

                       Again, see [help commandlist] for all of your
                       available commands with brief help text.
                       [help COMMAND] will likely show you more information
                       for any command.
Players new to MUDs

Diving into a text based game can be overwhelming, so here is a quick
and dirty way to get started. Apart from typing [help <topic>], you can
do the following below.

First, type [who] to see who is online, and you may see something like the

Marisil is just this guy, you know?                                (Arch Wizard)
Darkpoole eats a part of a balanced breakfast for breakfast.      (Elder Wizard)
ghost of Pinguda                                            (Helpless Earthworm)
Novice the utter novice                                              (Meditator)
Carcophan the Southern Wizard                                (Dark Practitioner)
Morkvarg the Chrinos Wolf                                         (Big Bad Wolf)
An unknown Monster                                                     (Monster)

These are players who are online, and usually it is easy to tell who they are.

From the player list, you can see there are people, namely:
Marisil, Darkpoole, Pinguda, Novice, Carcophan, Morkvarg, and someone who 
prefers to remain anonymous.

Of course, sometimes players can fool people (there might actually be a 
player online who is called Southern or Wizard).

Next, type [chat] to see who are the players on the Chat channel.

This works as a mode of communication.

You can then type something like: [chat I am new to MUDs, and need help]
or even something more specific.

Better still, you can try the following
 - [chat why should I play a MUD compared to graphical games?]
 - [chat what should I be aware of on a MUD that is not in helpfiles?]
 - [chat what is the meaning of life?]

To look at previous conversations, you can type [channel chat /last], 
or in general [channel <channelname> /last].

You may even send messages to a player, e.g. [tell carcophan Moose bites
kan be pretti nasti]. 

To check who has communicated with you, type [tell /last].

This should help get you started :) After all, MUDs are all about the
community, and we welcome you to Tsunami.