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The monster class is somewhat unique, in that it is both a race and a
class, and not all members of the class have the same abilities.  In
general, though, monsters are noted for their natural weaponry and
armour; monsters cannot wear normal armours, and are not terribly
effective with normal weapons. Very few shops will sell to monsters,
and monsters tend to be poisoned by alcohol. 
Picking a species will give them additional abilities beyond those of
a base monster, and occasionally will remove abilities as well.

As with the other guilds of non-humans, the majority of shops will 
charge a fee to buy items and other goods to members of the Monster

The Monster guild can be found by traveling the below route from
the center of mainland town:

                12w, sw, 2s, se, n, e, 4s, 3sw, u, ne, se

Monster species available (subclasses): Demon, Jotun, Gremlin, Medusa,
Troll, Werewolf.