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help > forms > phoenix
Form           :   Phoenix
Level          :   19+2
Upkeep         :   7sp (75sp minimum to retain form)
Cost           :   (2000)
Piety          :   70
Shift Time     :   3 Turns
Armours        :   Amulet, Other
Weapons        :   None
Skills         :   Inferno, Flight, Fireshield, Firestorm
Passive        :   Rebirth
Syntax         :   shift phoenix

The Phoenix is the most beautiful of all the creatures of the
Mother, and the one she loves the most.  Their fierce freedom
inspires all who see them, and their wrath is legendary.  They
are known to cause waves of fire to spread throught their immediate
surroundings that cause most to walk into the deadly inferno that
surrounds them and which they are immune to.  Many a warrior have 
thought they've finished the bird, only to watch in awe as it rose 
from it's own ash in a burst of flame, newly reborn.

Poison        : +30%