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help > piety
Piety is a measure of how pleased Nature
is with the efforts of her Changeling creatures.  With
every offering to the Quintessence, the Piety
of the Changeling being increases, if the Fey
neglects to make an offering, their Piety decreases.

The higher the Piety of the Changeling, the greater
the blessings that flow from the Quintessence.  This
can be as simple as a small healing, to as powerful
as a full healing, or a massive skill boost.

The time between offerings depends on the Changeling's
level; the more powerful the Changeling, the closer to the
Mother, the Changeling needs to be to draw upon the
Quintessence to fuel its greater powers, and thus the shorter 
the time interval.

For Changelings, the higher the piety rating, the closer 
he comes to earning 100% of the experience
per kill.

Changelings offer the heads of the defilers they
kill while in one of their non-normal forms.
The command available to the Changeling to remove
the head from a slain defiler is, 'behead'.