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FAERIE DRAGON (dragon subclass)
     The most magical and different of the Dragon types are the petite
Faerie Dragons.  These small creatures hardly ever reach more than twelve
inches long.  Their small size accounts for their rather weak physical
abilities.  However, the Faerie Dragon possesses an arsenal of spells
that aid during life threatening situations.  Faerie Dragons are forever
flying, their wings in constant motion keeping them aloft.  This added
advantage give Faerie Dragons the edge they need.  Spells that help both
in defense and offense, a hallucinogenic breath weapon that is more of a
distraction than a weapon, as well as skills that speed up the Dragons
abilities in combat make these little creatures a regular whirling ball
of destruction.  Beware the wrath of an angered Faerie Dragon.  They may
be small, but they fight like lions.

See also "help dragon"
See also "help skills <skillname>"
Faerie Dragons have the following skills:

armour               weaponry              toughness             awareness
resistance           magic                 combat                flurry

Faerie Dragons have the following spells:

blur                 fumble                cute curse            lurk
hallucination        happy mist
Faerie Dragon stats:

Strength                        : 40
Dexterity                       : 180
Intelligence                    : 120
Constitution                    : 60
Faerie Dragons have the following Combat adjustments based on terrain:

Desert                          :  -5
Swamp                           :  +5
Plains                          :  +5
Jungle                          :  +5
Underground                     :  +5
Forest                          :  +10
Town                            :  -5
Mountains                       :  -5
Hills                           :  -5
Tundra                          :  -5

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