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help > spells > lurk
Spell        :   Lurk
Class        :   Faeriedragon
Cost         :   25 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   2 rounds
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   cast lurk
Examples     :   cast lurk
                 cast lurk stop
The lurk spell allows the faeriedragon to fade from sight. While
this spell is active, the faeriedragon will be undetectable to
all but the most aware beings. If the faeriedragon attacks or is
attacked, they will reappear and remain visible while fighting.
However, once they leave combat, they will once again become
stealthy after a few heartbeats. Cast lurk stop will end the spell.

Lurk is a personal spell and can't be cast on others.
It can be cast quietly.