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help > spells > cute curse
Spell        :   Cute curse
Class        :   Faeriedragon
Cost         :   15
Casting Time :   1 round
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   cast cute curse <modifier> <target>
Examples     :   cast cute curse +45 orc
                 cast cute curse owl
Being the tricky, lovable creatures that they are, faeriedragons
have learned how to partly take over the mind of their foes to
cause them to do cute and loveable things. The victim will be
unable to do any hostile activity for a short period of time after
getting effected by the cute curse. It is difficult to be intimidating 
and stealthy while gleeping, and doing other cute and lovable things
Casting this spell is an aggressive act. Victims can, however, permit
a faeriedragon to cast cute curse on them (see help permit).