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help > skills > hypermetabolism
Skill        :   Hypermetabolism
Class        :   Faeriedragon
Cost         :   0
Skill Type   :   Active and Passive 
Casting Time :   0
Stats Base   :   Dexterity and some Intelligence and Constitution
Syntax       :   do hypermetabolism
To be constantly flying, faeriedragons have an incredible
metabolism. This gives them a superior healing rate compared
to most beings.

Active use: A faerie dragon can actively concentrate on your metabolism,
increasing your healing rate even more. The longer you concentrate,
the faster you heal.
Actively using hypermetabolism can leave a faeriedragon extremely
tired and groggy.  This leads to penalties to combat, awareness,
and resistance even after choosing to stop the concentrating.
These penalties decrease and disappear over time.
Active hypermetabolism automatically stops once a player is fully
recovered.  In addition, one can 'stop' to prematurely end the

Rooms on the mud that normally boost quickheal, will most likely
give the faeriedragon an even faster metabolism.