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WISP (fey subclass)
On a distant day, long ago, the Mother created Will 'o Wisps, 
and the world has mourned that day ever since.  So much so in 
fact, they named it Mourn-Day, which has subsequently been 
shortened to Monday.

The second born of the Fey races, Will 'o Wisps were created 
when the Mother saw that merely containing, and cleansing the 
Defilers corruption would no longer suffice.

The Wisp, created in a fit of anger, embodies all of the
spitefulness of Nature.  Petty and cruel, the Wisp delights
in the agony and torment of the Defilers.  Using its powers
of stealth, the Wisp often lurks around struggling mortals,
gaining power from their vain squabbling.  If the Wisp is
engaged in combat it cannot quietly soak up the spilled life
energies though.

A Will ' o Wisp is a being of thought and energy, and has 
little physical substance.  As such, it wears no armour, 
wields no weapon, and causes little physical damage.  The 
Wisp calmly floats along and chooses instead to unleash its 
attacks against the minds of its prey.  Plaguing it with 
deceptions and illusions, sapping  away at its victims 
mental strength, until such time as the Defilers mind 
collapses under the onslaught, and the body perishes.

A Wisp relies on its vague and misleading presence, and seek 
to hide in the mists and shadows while using its phantasmal 
powers against the Defilers.  It has very little physical 
stamina, but because of its nature, also takes very little 
physical damage.  This works both ways, as it can only 
regenerate its physical body either by its own powers of 
healing, or by absorbing the life force of its slain foes.  
It can not make use of most healing items.

Full of spite and hate, a Will 'o Wisp is a daunting foe
in the mists and shadows, but once cornered, are relatively
weak beings who seek to flee combat.

To select this subclass, choose fey as a race, and then choose
fey as a class, then go to the fey guild and select the subclass 
from the selection room.

Will 'o Wisps receive all terrain bonuses of the fey race.
Will 'o Wisps have the following skills:

weaponry	  toughness	   awareness      resistance
quickheal	  combat	   stealth	  mindblock
Will 'o Wisps have the following spells:          
haze		  confusion	   mindrip	  feeblemind
mislead		  mindfog
Will 'o Wisps have the following resistance adjustments:

Pierce              : +25
Poison              : +25
Psychic             : +25
Fire                : +25
Cold                : -10
Drain               : -10
Will 'o Wisp stats:

Strength            : 20
Dexterity           : 150
Intelligence        : 180
Constitution        : 50
Will o' Wisps have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight: 10
Min Sight: -5