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help > skills > stealth
Skills        :   Stealth
Class         :   Aramitama, Bandit, Gremlin, Ninja, Scorpion, Spider,
                  Thief, Vampire, Wisp, Changeling (python form)
Cost          :   0
Skills        :   Dex and some Int
Syntax        :   do stealth

Stealth is a skill which allows you to do things without being
detected by others. When in stealth mode you can enter/exit rooms,
pick up/give/drop stuff and perform certain actions without anyone

Other people have a chance of noticing you based on the difference
between your stealth skill and their awareness.  If people notice you,
they will be informed that you are trying to be sneaky. You will be
notified when this happens, unless of course they are being stealthy

By default, you are not in stealth mode, except for Gremlins.