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help > spells > mindrip
Spell           :   Mindrip
Class           :   Will 'o Wisp
Cost            :   20
Usage time      :   1 round
Difficulty      :   Level 1
Syntax          :   cast mindrip [mod] [all] [<target>]
                    cast mindrip [mod] foes
                    cast mindrip [mod] enemy
Examples        :   cast mindrip
                    cast mindrip +50 deepone
                    cast mindrip -5 all

The primary offensive capability of the Will 'o Wisp, is its ability
to rip the mental life force from its victims. Mindripping is an
incredibly painful way to die, as the malicious wisp strips away its
victim's mind, eventually leading to death.  Such is their agony,
that a victim of a mindrip will strike back at the wisp when
assaulted, unless their life force is severely depleted.