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Scorpion (Horror subclass)
Related to the Spider, the Scorpion is a dangerous animal relying on its
poison to kill or incapacitate its foes. However, the scorpion has more
powers available to it than only its dangerous venom. It is a fast
creature that often remains hidden until the very last moment when it
falls on its prey. A powerful exoskeleton protects it from most attacks
while its deadly stinger looks for any opening to destroy its opponent.

The scorpion has 10 abilities outside its regular skills that are used
to empower the scorpion in various ways. These abilities can be raised
as the scorpion advances in levels. The scorpion can tune itself using
these abilities. However, the abilities have an upkeep cost that must
be paid each round for every level in the ability. All abilities start
at level one and can be raised to level six. Different abilities have
different upkeep cost depending on how taxing they are to the scorpion.
Raising an ability will only decrease the upkeep cost and not increase
its power. Which means it is possible to use an ability at a higher
level than it has been raised to, at a price.

The abilities and costs are:
 - Power          (High)        - Evade         (Low)
 - Viscerate      (High)        - Speed         (Medium)
 - Exoskeleton    (Medium)      - Restore       (Low)
 - Protect        (Medium)      - Poison        (High)
 - Detect         (Low)         - Stinger       (Low)
 - Aim            (Low)

Abilities are raised and adjusted by the reform skill. It is essential
to learn how to use this skill to be successful with a scorpion.

The abilities are paid for in upkeep with scorpion points. Scorpion
points are acquired through the essence skill. The scorpion's hp bar
reflects these points and abilities, looking like this:

HP: 200/200   SP: 80/80   EXP: 563,182    DAM: 0
+ScP: 442/1980/38 RC:20 Mode: |Sp:2|St:2|Pw:3|Ex:2|Vi:3|+

The first three numbers are available points to use for upkeep, points
used for upkeep that will eventually be recycled and available again and
then points that are lost. The metabolism skill is required to restore
these points. RC is short for round cost, this is the upkeep cost of
all the modes together. Mode will show which of the abilities above are
in use (above level 1) and which level they are at.
Scorpions have the following skills:

armour             awareness          catalyze           combat
essence            intimidate         metabolism         pinch
quicheal           reform             resistance         stealth
sting              toughness          weaponry
Scorpions have the following resistance adjustments:

Bow                                     : +25
Poison                                  : +25
Slash                                   : +25
Unarmed                                 : +25
Pierce                                  : +10
Sound                                   : -10
Blunt                                   : -25
Cold                                    : -25
Scorpion stats:

Strength                                :  80
Dexterity                               : 120
Intelligence                            :  60
Constitution                            : 140
Scorpion have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight                               :  2
Min Sight                               : -5
Scorpion Terrain Bonus:

Jungle, Desert, Swamp                   : +10
Forest, Underground                     : + 5
Mountains, Shore, Road, Air, Ship       : - 5
Water, Underwater, Arctic               : -20
See also: help scorpion modes, help scorpion tutorial
          command 'scorpion' (only usable by scorpions)