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help > skills > catalyze
Skill        :   Catalyze
Class        :   Wyvern, Scorpion
Cost         :   10 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   1 Round; 3 Rounds for Nerve
Stats Base   :   Constitution
Syntax       :   do catalyze <poison>
Examples     :   do catalyze muscle
                 do catalyze nerve
                 do catalyze paralytic
                 do catalyze (will show your current poison)

When in a forest, jungle or swamp environment, races with the
catalyze skill are able to modify and transform their poison to
take on various properties.  This gives them extreme versatility
in the ever-evolving struggle in nature. Scorpions may also use
this skill in desert environments.

When a poison is catalyzed it can then be injected into a living
creature by the use of the sting skill.

Catalyzed muscle poison retains those properties until catalyzed
again.  Nerve poison which is gone as soon as it is injected. 
Paralytic poison has a pooled amount before it needs to be 
catalyzed again.

The poisons stack if used consecutively for two maybe three rounds.

The available poisons are:

  Muscle :    This poison hampers movement, reduces attacking and
              to a small degree even combat.

  Nerve :     This poison increases the overall damage of the sting
              skill and reduces resistance.  Note, once the nerve 
              poison is injected you need to catalyze up a new

  Paralytic : This poison prevents actions and movement for a very
              short duration.
See also: help skill sting