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Comprehensive Level Guidelines for Wizards of Tsunami.

Level 20
Achieved: By quests and experience requirements.
Goal: To decide if he wants to code.
* Use wiz chat.
* Use class chat.
* Access to /doc directory.
* Cannot post on player boards.
* Loses all player characters (banished).
* No player interaction.

Level 21
Achieved: By sponsorship.
Goal: To start an area to be placed into the game.  NO other code allowed.
* [ Level 20 ]
* Own /player directory.
* Access to own /log/reports file.

Level 30
Achieved: By promotion of sponsorship and MUST have at least 10-20 rooms;
          10 if very well coded, and 20 if so-so, plus some items, mons.
Goal: To continue working on an area to be placed into a game.
* [ Level 21 ]
* Gains goto, trans.
* Allowed a test character.

Level 40
Achieved: By promotion by QC after a thorough review of work in progress.
			 About 30-40 rooms, monsters, items.
Goal: To continue working on an area to be placed into a game.
* [ Level 30 ]
* Allowed a WAR character.
* Allowed read of other /players, /obj, and /bin files.

Level 50
Achieved: By promotion by QC after a thorough review of area that will be
			 placed into the game.  Must be of a decent size.  
			 And must be in the game.
Goal: Continue to code their own area, or sym. link to anothers directory
		for rewrite.
* [ Level 40 ]
* Allowed to post on player boards, BUT NO CLASS INFO.
* Allowed 3 mud characters.

Level 100
Achieved: By promotion of a QC or higher due to good area code, size, and
			 desire to help others.  Also, must have rewritten
			 one other area if one needs it.
Goal: Sponsor newbie wizards.  Help them and evaluate their areas before
		a QC is asked to.  Continue to work on own area, recoding 
		others, and helping your newbies.
* [ Level 50 ]
* Gain snoop.
* Gains sponsor ability.
* Can edit /player files.
* Allowed full read access to /log/reports

Level 500
Achieved: By dedication.  Also, by promotion by Sage or higher.  Also, by
			 being more a wizard than a player character.  And
			 doing the above levels.  And by doing a good job 
			 on your area.
Goal: Quality Control.  Make sure that items in the games fit rules.  That
		areas are up to par, have adequate description, etc.  Must 
		check all new things that go into the game.  Ability to close 
		areas as seen fit.  Etc.  "The Ultimiate Area Coder"
* [ Level 100 ]
* Allowed to code other things in "spare" time (ie. when an area doesn't
  need qc'd or rewritten).  Elders+ can help with skills.
* Promotion of players to level 100.
* Full read access on /log
* Gain a second player character if so desired.

Level 1000
Achieved: By promotion of an Arch.  Done a good job for the mud.  Chooses
			 wizard over player.  An earned level.
Goal: Code skills, come up with class concept.  Improve mud in general.
		Strong link with the guilds, and what they think.  Help 500- 
		when they need help.  Watch over lowers.  Small admin. bits.  
		New classes must be approved by an Arch.
* [ Level 500 ]
* Write access to /bin
* Able to banish/unbanish levels 500 and lower.
* Can clarify class info on player boards.

Level 2000
Achieved: Definately something that is earned.  Must have trust in you.
			 Not achieved by coding one class, or a few skills, or 
			 fixing a few things.  Truly loyal wizzes get this and 
			 it is a must that wizard is more important over player.
Goal: To improve the mud, create wonderful ideas via classes, areas, etc.
		Fix existing objects or improve for better support.  Help 
                Elders with /obj access if they have fixed something.  Must be 
                willing to give time to other low wizards.  Significant 
		changes must be discussed with an Arch.
* [ Level 1000 ]
* Obviously, increased banish/unbanish.
* Access /obj and /std.
* True adminstrative abilities.  However, Arch always overrides.
* As many characters as you want.

Level 7500-10000
Achieved: God's choice.
Goal: Administer the mud and make sure it runs smoothly.  Keep classes
		balanced.  Do what they want as long as it is constructive.
* All powerful save write access to /log
* if( level == 10000 ) anything;