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Map of the World
Map of the known lands and seas of Tsunami.  Click on a region to view information on it.

Or see the Tsunami Wiki's Area Guide for more details

Page designed and art by John Wigger.
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Muhar Har'Akir Desert Soth's Castle Castle Ravenloft Cyclops Cave Dantes Nightclub Wolfpack Castle Dungeon Destard Newbie Field Intermediate Area Ant Mound Newbie Rose Garden Raederth Valasar Treylore Tulgey Wood Kyrse Caves Diamond Land Lizardcaves Kyrse Monastery Swine City Ruins Nomad Camp Chilblain Lilethspar Tramtris Khaz Modan Ariston Nym Ariston Cathedral Chaos Rock Cornfield Dunghill Elf Village Wanderer Forest Demon Fort Jarrow's Tower Ninja Forest Fishpond Sea Monkies Sewah Plains Sleen Village Snargs Wieke Fey Guild Cleric Guild Dragon Guild Fighter Guild Mage Guild Monster Guild Native Guild Thief Guild Undead Guild Barovia Dragonmyrth Dragon Island Edo Village Fiville Madlands Isle of Marriard Middle Earth Tarmin & surroundings Plateau of Leng Bugbears Cemetery Centaurs Chaldon Chaos Hatchling Canyon Darale Derro Caves Unterhaven Duergar Quiet Estate Faeries Waterfalls Gurgu Volcano Tsunami Forest Fungus Farm Hedges Hellgate Castle Illithid Caverns Ivory Castle Kyrse Lemmings Library Temple of Lolth Marble Pit Newbie Chessboard Orc Cave Diablos Cornfield Wars Phobos Pig Farm Pod Village Punkland Rakshasa Raubritten Ruby Bend Scale Valley Seralonians Smurfs Termites Ta Gueule Estates Ta Gueule Estates II Ta Gueule Estates III Ta Gueule Estates IV Ta Gueule Estates V Throads Thyrkon Treetops Valley of the King Waterbabies Temple of the Winds Oz Wonderland Abyss Blah Big Chessboard Heroes Inn Never Never Land Magic School Toyland Castle of the King Rymalind Castle Draellan Ever Green Forest Fantasia Gargoyle Cave Kenderdom Rymalind Meadow Mingla Ratorah the Damned's Temple Ashtonbrook Forest Screep Talisman Average House Commercial Development Dojo of Earth Ghant City Strange Glade Gnutt Village Spec's Graveyard Greenie Forest Tsu. Island Jungle Mage Tower Newbie Woods Tsunami Park Portals Kobolds Tsunami Swamp Dalaria Gladstadt Kyldiss Mainland Rymalind Tsunami Island