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 -  Players under their account's protection level cannot *EVER* perform
    a hostile action or have one performed upon them. This is when a
    player gets to learn the MUD.

    -  Your "PK Protection" level and current status appear on your score.
    -  Your protection level decreases with the size of your largest hero
       from level 12 to level 4.

 -  Any player out of protection may initiate a hostile action with
    a player higher level than them, or with a player within 5 levels
    below, given that player is also not protected.

 -  Hostile actions increase your quit timer up to 300 seconds.  This
    includes the use of skills against other players. You can see
    hostile, or aggressive, players by using 'who aggro' and more
    detailed information with the 'aggro' command. It is not considered
    a hostile action defending yourself against someone who "started it" 
    by performing a hostile action on you.
 -  PKing another person rewards the killer with Jihad PK standing.
    The killer receives 2x the victim's level in PK standing, unless
    the victim was a member of a faction hated by the killer's faction,
    in which case the killer receives 5x the victim's level in PK
    standing.  If you kill someone of your own Jihad faction, you
    lose 10x their level in PK standing.
 -  PKing another person also rewards the killer with "blood points".
    See "help pkrank" for more.

 -  There is a 3 kill limit for the amount of times a single character 
    can PK another character per boot. This is NOT limited per player

 -  Certain subclasses, such as Chaosmages, are mostly attackable.
    Except when the said chaosmage is playing under the hardcore
    rule set.

 -  It is illegal to summon players to or near a room that contains
    aggressive NPCs.

 -  It is illegal to 'trade' player kills.

 -  Illegal PK actions will receive administrative actions including
    temporary banishment, loss of experience, and permanent banishment.

 -  Any abuse that allows for the circumvention of these rules will
    be deemed a bug and treated as such.

 -  Players may set the variable 'nopk' with 'set nopk 1' which will
    prevent themselves from initiating player-vs-player combat
    unintentionally (such as area attacking a room full of NPCs and a
    player walks into the room). If the variable is 0 or unset,
    however, the player will use the above PK rules (including being
    able to attack ANY player equal or higher level!)

If you find any of the above to be untrue when experienced in the game
then it is a bug.  Please use the 'bug' command to draw this oversight
to the attention of a wizard.

See also:
    help pkrank, help death, help skills steal, help hardcore

Relevant commands:
    pkrank, shame, shamed, gag