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help > standing
Factional Standing:

The standing command will let you know where you are
in relationship to your chosen ethos.  Factional
standing is calculated by three factors: tithes, PKs,
and NPC's.

   'holywar rank' shows your factions rank in comparison
to all other factions, the higher your rank the greater
your exp bonus.

   `standing' shows your personal standing within your
own faction.

   At your temple, you may tithe money and or equipment
to the Jihad, the more you tithe, the higher your faction
rank, and the higher your personal standing.
   (See also: help temples)

   Every PK will advance both your faction rank, and
standing.  PK's of players above level 17 count a lot
more and hero PKs can be worth 100's of points.

   Every NPC you kill of a different faction increases
your score by one.  Some NPC's are worth more than one
point but they are rare.  If you kill an NPC of your
own faction you lose 3x its value in points!
To determine an NPC's faction, `consider TARG sizeup',
if the NPC is of your faction, a message will print saying
its of your faction, otherwise you will receive only the
standard sizeup information

These three factors, NPCs, tithes, and PK's will generate
a Rank title for you, the higher your title, the greater
the %bonus exp you will gain.  This potentially can be
15% exp bonus.  The rank of your Jihad will also add 1%
for every rank from the bottom, so being #1 is worth 6%
Note: You must have minimal participation to gain the EXP and
COMBAT bonuses, this generally translates out to
having at least 1000 NPC kills, and 1M in tithes.

The % bonus you gain from your Jihad standing.

The combat bonus you gain for fighting members of other
factions.  You get a text message about your Jihad
periodically when this bonus is engaged.