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Marisil believes in the ball and throws himself                     (Arch Wizard)
[B!=F | 80HD] Raine                                                 (Arch Wizard)
Chaitan                                                                    (Sage)
[Guest Speaker] Phil from marketing                                     (Sponsor)
Ur- Holk -aD (blessed)                                   (Night's Eternal Thirst)
Heracleon the Gnostic heretic                                  (Emerald Champion)
Qwert has been idle for 5 minutes and 32 seconds.             (Prince of Thieves)
Lady Sarah Brightman (moon-called)                         (Phantom of The Opera)
ghost of Rjmood                                                (Greater Beholder)
Kerafyrm The Sleeper                     (Deathwing Sovereign, Devourer of Souls)
Sharkbait the utter novice (moon-called) (hasted)              (Punctual Prodigy)
Thunder Snarf Ho! (flying)                                  (Profuse Pollen Bomb)
[.CA][CoA] Headjack                                                 (Green Thumb)
Valentinus the Gnostic heretic                              (Font of The Pleroma)
-- Online: 14 ------------------------------------------------------------------

Players marked 'unknown' are 'who off' to hide somewhat from their enemies.