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Who is online right now?


Marisil the unwashed gnostic                                        (Arch Wizard)
Raine                                                               (Arch Wizard)
Chaitan                                                                    (Sage)
0 Darkpoole 0                                                      (Elder Wizard)
Krule                                                             (Senior Wizard)
Blahbleh                                                         (Greater Wizard)
Thaddeus Theodoridis, of Sparta                                 (Lancelot du Lac)
Lady Sarah Brightman                            (Celestial Minstrel of Vengeance)
Frank Sinatra (Crooning)                                         (Lord of Fables)
ghost of Rooky                                                          (Welcher)
Kerafyrm The Sleeper                                         (Rotting Elder Wyrm)
[] Kaiban                             (Grand Master of Ancient Knowledge)
Nanahammock the utter novice                          (Daimyo of Elemental Power)
[Bridge Four] Dolly Parton only plays from 9 to 5              (Voice of Madness)
Valentinus the Gnostic heretic                                (Adept of Portents)
-- Online: 15 ------------------------------------------------------------------

Players marked 'unknown' are 'who off' to hide somewhat from their enemies.