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Tsunami has a long list of administration which are termed 'Wizards'. These wizards settle player disputes, program new areas, design new classes, and all sorts of other things that keep Tsunami running. They are ALL unpaid volunteers who do this for the love of the game. Most have devoted over a decade of their lives to Tsunami as a player, wizard, or some combination of the two.

Click on their names below to find out a little more about a wizard you are interested in.

Some are retired and maintain tmore heir wizardly status for their years of dedicated service but almost all drop in from time to time to tend to their creations.

Gods: Wildcat
Arches: Aristotle, Brand, Charon, Darkarn, Fingolfin, Marisil, Misery, Punk, Raine, Razan, Sauron
Sages: Burlok, Chaitan, Ghyath, Morganti, Nether, Orion, Russeldog
Elders: Mobius
Seniors: Darkpoole, Krule
Sponsors: Disdain, Phil, Vladimir
Greater Wizards: Nacho
Retired Wizards: Casimir, Crunchy, Demonic, Egor, Haster, Homey, Indel, Kane, Magius, Memnoch, Mercury, Nero, Osiris, Profane, Remus, Riyue, Rozhkov, Sebastian, Shadefire, Shadeflame, Sumaket, Tomahawk, Zatan
High Wizards: Joshua, Kilgore, Myopic, Obiwon
Wizards: Drebin, Polyphemus, Sten, Watchman