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MINDFLAYER (horror subclass)
Mindflayers are creatures of magic and darkness. While they are of average
size and resemble humanoids in shape, they are easily distinguished from
the other races of Tsunami. Mindflayers have purple hued skin, large,
milky-white eyes and, in place of a mouth, a many-tentacled feeding
orifice. Mindflayers are weaker and less dexterous than their humanoid
counterparts due to the odd way their joints have evolved. Nature, however,
has compensated the Mindflayers' lack of dexterity and strength with an
abundance of intellect (which may, or may not be the result of feeding on
the brains of their victims). The mindflayers' evil genius is rarely
matched by any other race in Tsunami.

Mindflayers bring their most potent skills into play in combat by both
charming and controlling other creatures to do their fighting and by
attacking their opponent's mind with psychic blasts. In day to day
activities, it would not be uncommon to see a mindflayer teleport away or
to a location, or to have a jumble of goods floating nearby.
Mindflayers have the following skills:

armour             weaponry            toughness           attacking
awareness          resistance          magic               combat
intimidate         quickheal           telekinesis
Mindflayers acquire the following spells at the following levels:

 1: mindblast      1: devour           1: dominate         4: hypnotize
 6: sleep          8: teleport        10: spellshield
Mindflayers stats:

Strength                        : 80
Dexterity                       : 80
Intelligence                    : 140
Constitution                    : 100
Mindflayers have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight: 6
Min Sight: -3
Mindflayers Terrain Bonus:

Town                            : +5
Road                            : +5
[More 80%]
Bridge                          : +5
Building                        : +5
Underground                     : +5
Desert                          : -5
Forest                          : -5
Arctic                          : -5
Mountains                       : -5
Hills                           : -5