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AURUMVORAX (horror subclass)

For centuries Tsunami's economy has continued to grow and flourish 
through the aid of its fluid economic medium: gold.  Prosperity has 
reached unprecedented heights as the civilized folk of the world manage 
their businesses at a constant, rapid pace.  Unfortunately, it seems that 
Tsunami's merchants may have pushed too far. 

With increased contact with the wilds of Tsunami, an ancient breed of 
beasts has been awoken. These feral monstrosities are truly nothing more 
than animals, and thus have no interest in naming themselves.  However, 
mankind has dubbed the creatures the "Aurumvorae." 

An Aurumvorax lives as any animal would: strictly for survival.  To 
accomplish and ensure its survival, the Aurumvorax consumes meat, 
and more importantly, GOLD.  With gold flowing in every direction all 
over Tsunami, the beast finds itself compelled by primal instinct and 
animalistic lust to claim it all as its own. 


The Aurumvorax boasts eight massively-muscled legs, each with a set of 
deadly golden claws.  Despite its legs, the creature is often said to 
belong to perhaps the great cat family.  Regardless of what rumors are 
spread, this is not true.  The Aurumvorax's teeth, claws, eyes, and hide 
distinguish the beast from the lesser life forms of the animal kingdom.
Typically, the Aurumvorae of Tsunami are about four feet long, but 
nonetheless weigh an average of six hundred pounds!  A ferocious fighter,
the Aurumvorax enhances its combat abilities by digesting gold 
alongside the normal process of gaining experience.  Gold is thus critical
to these animals, and their primal instinct will never allow them to 
give up what gold they carry to another being.  It is STRONGLY recommended 
that you read 'help aurumgrowth' before selecting this subclass.  Not 
doing so may result in a very unpleasant playing experience.

A drawing of an Aurumvorax is available here:


Aurumvorae have the following skills:

attacking           awareness              clamp                collide
combat              consume                dig                  fury  
grate               instinct               intimidate           position
pounce              rampage                resistance           toughness

Certain other skills are accounted for through consuming gold.  Once
again, it would benefit you greatly to read 'help aurumgrowth'.


Aurumvorax stats:

Strength                        : 120
Dexterity                       : 120
Intelligence                    : 60
Constitution                    : 100


Aurumvorae have the following resistance adjustments:

Fire                            : +20
Shock                           : +20
Poison                          : +10
Blunt                           : +10
Psychic                         : -20
Petrify                         : -20
Cold                            : -20


Aurumvorae have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight: 7
Min Sight: -3


Aurumvorax terrain bonuses:

Underground                     : +10
Mountains                       : +10
Hills                           :  +5
Forest                          :  +5
Jungle                          :  +5
Water                           :  +5
Underwater                      :  +5
Building                        : -10
Town                            :  -5
Bridge                          :  -5
Ship                            :  -5


NOTE: Aurumvorae will NOT function properly in TWars, sorry.