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NINJA (thief subclass)
Masters of assassination, sabotage, espionage and deception.  Ninja 
strike fear in the hearts of all who come in contact with them.  Some 
claim that they have almost magic powers, but no one knows for sure.
There are only a handful of people that actually meet a Ninja - and 

The prime weapon of Ninja is the sword, but any weapon in the hands of 
a ninja will be lethal.  Among the other favorite weapons are chains, 
dagger, staff and he is trained in martial arts.  Shurikens in the hand
of a ninja master can be very deadly.  Better made shurikens deal more 

Ninja are assassins and will always receive 100% of any bounty the target 
might have.  They are trained to fight in the dark and can operate 
without a torch in normal darkness outdoors.  They do not have backstab. 
They are fighters that fight dirty.  They have no honor and will use 
every means possible to reach their goal.  They are good with the sword 
but a fighter would kill them in a fair fight.  They can't wear metal 

To protect their identity, Ninjas are always who off. 
Ninjas have the following skills:

staff                awareness             toughness             flail
resistance           unarmed               dagger                sword
Ninjas gain the following skills at the indicated level:

 2: stealth           3: make            4: bomb             5: quicken
 6: disguise          7: escape          9: stalk           10: hide
11: meditation       12: assassinate    14: poison          19: dim mak
Ninja stats:

Strength                        : 90
Dexterity                       : 130
Intelligence                    : 100
Constitution                    : 80
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