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ZOMBIE (undead subclass)
Zombies are undead creatures that have been animated through
evil magics and that have subsequently broken their master's
control. The magic that brings these monstrosities into
existence does not restore memories of previous life nor does it
restore decomposed flesh. As a consequence, zombies are very
slow and very stupid. It does, however, imbue them with an
unholy might and a near indestructibility. Zombies are further
limited by the fact that the magic takes a terrible toll:
they must eat the corpse of freshly slain creatures to remain
in their unliving state. A zombie that goes too long without
feeding will eventually begin to decompose completely and
finally die. Further, a zombie that is too hungry may find
itself lashing out at any nearby living creature in an attempt
to feed. This hunger does have a benefit. A hungry zombie will
also fight in a more frenzied state, doing more damage. This
terrible hunger can only be assuaged by eating corpses, 
gnawing on a living creature, or by resting in the life-giving

Essentially a walking, rotting corpse, zombies are not very
well put together. Thus, when struck by a powerful blow in
combat from an edged weapon, there is a chance a limb may be
severed. The attacker will find however, to their horror,
that the limb will sustain a life of its own and fight for
its owner. The zombie may reattach the limb if they so wish.
A limb that is completely destroyed will be lost until the
zombie can regrow it through resting in the earth. Of course,
a zombie will suffer effects consistent with the loss of a
limb in the event of severance.

Finally, zombies are notorious for reaching up from beneath
the soil to attack a victim. While a zombie is gravemelding
it has the option to quickly unearth itself and surprise
attack its opponent. This attack is not free, however.
Zombies have the following skills:

gnaw                armour              weaponry            toughness
awareness           resistance          combat              putrescence
intimidate          fester              gravemeld           attacking
invulnerability     bloat
Zombies have the following resistance adjustments:

Cold, Drain, Poison                  : +25
Blunt                                : +10
Fire, Holy, Light                    : -20
Cleave                               : -10
Zombie stats:

Strength                        : 140
Dexterity                       : 70
Intelligence                    : 30
Constitution                    : 160
Zombies have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight: Base Race - 2
Min Sight: Base Race - 2
Zombie Terrain Bonus:

Cemetery                        : +10
Desert                          : -5
Another Dimension               : -5
Building                        : +5
Underwater                      : -5