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VAMPIRE (undead subclass)
Vampires are powerful undead that survive by drinking the blood of living
creatures. They are incredibly tough, and very hard to kill. Their undead
state tends to make them faster and stronger than an ordinary human.

All vampires start out with the basic skills; Awareness, Bleed, Combat,
Dagger, Sword, Resistance and Weaponry.

As vampire age they become more and more skilled in various disciplines.
Each rank of a discipline give them new skills and powers and lack of
them result in dire weaknesses. A vampire receives one discipline point
per level and each discipline has three ranks. A clan discipline is
cheaper than normal and each clan has one weak discipline.

A discipline can only be learned by drinking blood especially extracted
for this purpose. Cauldrons of Discipline blood can be found deep in the
Undead Guild.

Each vampire must have a master - A vampire can not learn disciplines
without one. At the moment there are five great clan lords (and the
master of these clan lords is shrouded in secret). Each clan has
three disciplines which is easier and one discipline which is harder
to learn. On top of strengths and weaknesses a vampire already have,
each clan also add several more of these.

A vampire can only become a disciple of a clan lord by drinking his blood.
There are special chalices deep in the undead guild that hold this.
Drinking another clan lord's blood will cause the vampire to instantly
die and lose all disciplines (though he or she will now become a disciple
of that new clan lord instead). Chalices of Clan Lord blood can be found
deep in the Undead Guild.

Vampires have the following resistance adjustments:

Cold, Drain, Poison             : +25
Fire, Holy, Light               : -20
Vampire stats:

Strength                        : 120
Dexterity                       : 110
Intelligence                    : 80
Constitution                    : 90
Vampires have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight: Base Race - 2
Min Sight: Base Race - 6
Vampire Terrain Bonus:

Building                        : +5
Water                           : -10
Underwater                      : -10
Town                            : +5
See also: help disciplines, help clans,
          command 'vampire' (only usable by vampires)