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Aramitama (undead subclass)
Aramitama, the "rough one", is an unquiet spirit from the ShadowLands
drawn back to this world by unfinished business, unresolved passions,
and otherworldly needs.  Each Aramitama must decide what has drawn
it back to this world from the grey ShadowLands; love or vengeance.
This choice determines the powers the Aramitama manifests in this
world, and is made upon its birth.  The Aramitama has no physical
form, and thus no strength, or ability to carry and use items.
Additionally, its essence is so tenuous in this world, that it cannot
raise its hit point value.  The Aramitama receives damage instead to
its life pool of spell points, and only when those are depleted does
it sustain what little physical damage is needed to drive it from
this world.  The Aramitama, however, raises its life pool of spell
points at a vastly reduced rate, and any healing it receives is
dumped into its life pool first.  The Aramitama can manifest itself
into the physical world by its powers of kushimitama, the assuming.
Aramitama usually take the visage of a nightmare, or a guise of their
own making, depending on their purpose.  While in physical form,
their life pool becomes their hit points, and their hit points, their
life pool.  In this physical form, they take damage normally, and
attack with much increased vigor.  A creature of shadow, the
Aramitama cannot stand to be in the light, and prefers instead to
operate in a region it has grown attached to by its haunting powers.
Aramitama drawn back by love cling to the living more strongly than
those motivated by vengeance.  As such, Aramitama of love receive
a bonus to kushimitama and drain.  Additionally, while manifest,
the Aramitama of love is more resistant to physical damage.  The
Aramitama of vengeance, however, receives more physical attacks when
manifest, and gets a bonus to its haunting power.

Aramitama have the following skills:

awareness         haunt              resistance       stealth
combat            kushimitama        shadewalk        toughness
disquiet          poltergeist        shadowfall       weaponry
drain             quickheal

Aramitama drawn back by Love:
memoriam          oblivion           oubliette        phantasmagoria

Aramitama drawn back by Vengeance:
elysia            harrowing          penumbra         revenant
Aramitama have the following resistance adjustments:

Cold, Drain, Poison             : +25
Fire, Holy, Shock               : -20
Light                           : -40
Aramitama stats:

Strength                        : 0
Dexterity                       : 180
Intelligence                    : 160
Constitution                    : 60
Aramitama have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight                       :  0
Min Sight                       : -10
Aramitama Terrain Bonus:

Desert                          : -5
Arctic                          : +5
Building                        : +5
Plains                          : -5
Forest                          : +5