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Tsunami is a place for more than just adventuring and role-playing. We have a long history of metagames (games inside of the game). Some of the most noteable ones are detailed below.

Wars: All-out warfare pits players against each other in free-for-all and team battles.
Quests: Lots of quests await the adventurer from simple to extremely complex and epic.
The Arena: Players battle 1 on 1 to the death!
Magewar: An in-MUD collectible card game.
Invasions: Periodically Tsunami is assaulted and players must repel the invaders. Honor, treasure, and experience await!
Bounty Hunts: Brett Fordon of Dixton sends players off on hunts for special monsters he wants killed.
Scavenger Hunts: Search the MUD for strange and esotric items.
Yahtzee: Fun for some relaxation, Yahtzee provides players a chance to test their random die rolling skills.