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A Dragon is a legendary creature that is said to possess great magical
powers.  Dragons share many qualities, but what scholars and old
storytellers don't know is that Dragons are more than just a gigantic
lizard that breathes fire.

Dragons are distinguished by their different species.  Each species
possesses different skills and some even possess the ability to cast
magic, weaving the sensitive fabrics of the universe at their will.
See below for a list of the different species of Dragons.

There is one legend that holds true.  Dragons by nature seem to like
to collect gold and other valuables.  They find it difficult to
actually spend whatever things of value, preferring to hoard the
valuables.  By some strange phenomenon Dragons seem to gain valuable
insight by holding onto the money they find.  Many scholars speculate
but none have the nerve to venture into the lair of a Dragon to ask

As with the other guilds of non-humans, the majority of shops will
charge a fee to buy items and other goods to members of the dragon

The Dragon guild is located on the top of a large mountain in
northwestern reaches of Tsunami, near the town of Kyrse.  You may
reach it from the center of mainland town by going:

        8w, 7n, u, e.

This will put you into the board room of the guild.

Northeast from the boardroom, the subclass selection room rests.

East from the boardroom lies the healing pool where dragons can rest
and recover at an accelerated rate.

North from the boardroom is the storeroom.

Up from the boardroom is the ancient dragon Thew.  Offering him items
of various type will grant you a blessing from him.  You may 'ask thew
about blessing' to find out more information.

Dragon Class        Element/Damage Type    Opposing Element/Damage Type
                       Resistance                 Weakness
------------       -------------------    ----------------------------
Fire Drake               Fire      (25)         Cold            (-25)
Wyvern                   Poison    (25)         Psychic         (-25)
Shen-lung                Shock     (25)         Drain           (-25)
Remorhaz                 Cold      (25)         Fire            (-25)
Chian-lung               Acid      (25)         Shock           (-25)
Dracolich                Poison    (25)         Shock           (-20)
                         Drain     (25)         Fire            (-10)
                         Cold      (10)         Holy            (-10)
Faeriedragon             Magic     (20)         Slash           (-15)
                         Warp      (20)         Blunt           (-15)
                         Chaos     (20)         Brawling        (-15)
                         Psychic   (20)         Unarmed         (-15)
                         Shock     (15)         Pierce          (-10)
                         Drain     (15)         Claw            (-10)
                         Fire      (15)         Bite            (-10)
                         Cold      (10)         Stinger         (-10)

See also: help <dragon class>