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help > spells > soulrend
Skill        :   Soulrend
Class        :   Babau
Cost         :   30
Casting Time :   2
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Mostly Intelligence
Syntax       :   cast soulrend
                 cast soulrend caterpillar

One of the most horrific things a Babau can do to an enemy is
taunt their soul and cause internal conflict in the being.  Through
trickery and deception a Babau is known to curse an enemy's soul 
with the desire to go to the Abyss.  This curse tempts the target's 
soul but the soul is strong enough to resist the call and no 
immediate effect occurs.  

As the body the soul inhabits takes damage, it begins to slowly 
weaken and the soul's faith in the mortal plane begin to waver.  
As damage continues the soul eventually gains freedom and leaps 
from the body, beckoned to the Abyss by the Babau's curse.  This 
rends the body of its soul momentarily.  The Babau's trick causes 
great pain to the soul and body as the soul is briefly exposed to 
the horrors of the Abyss before rejoining with its body.

If the victim is able to endure the soulrending before taking the
requisite amount of damage then no actual harm is done.

NOTE: The Babau player will see on their HP bar something like:
      (soulrending Soma [146/35])
      This means that if Soma takes 146 damage in the next 35 seconds
      his soul will be rent asunder.  If, however, the 35 seconds count 
      down before that amount of damage occurs Soma will incur no