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Minotaurs are very large creatures with the body of a humanoid and the head of a bull. Where minotaurs come from, is unknown, but it is thought they came into being through an experiment of some mage gone awry. Minotaurs stand about 7 feet tall and are very muscular. They are far stronger than humans, but are immensely more stupid. Their huge size detracts from their dexterity somewhat, but helps to endow them with more constitution than the average human. Minotaurs, being huge, are not very stealthy at the best of times.

Minotaur are a cruel, brutal race. Their size allows them to wield two-handed weapons in one hand, much like ogres. They aren't very good at the intricacies of bladesmanship, so they suffer when wielding normal swords or daggers. The chaos-tainted nature of minotaur makes them less resistant to magical attacks. But, they have a strong animal nature and are much more aware of their surroundings. Because their heads are so large and misshapen, they are unable to wear helmets; their feet are vaguely hoof-like, and don't fit well in normal boots.

Minotaur are particularly noted for their fierce combat, and are prone to sudden frenzied rages in combat. Furthermore, minotaur are known at being very good at mapping out mazes and such.
Minotaur stat adjustments:

Strength         : 25
Dexterity        : -10
Intelligence     : -25
Constitution     : 10
Minotaur skill adjustments:

2-hsword         : +10  awareness        : +5   axe              : +10  
bow              : -5   brawling         : +5   dagger           : -5   
deathblade       : -5   mace             : +10  resistance       : -5   
stealth          : -15  sword            : -5   unarmed          : +5   
weaponry         : +5   
Minotaur starts with second degree Fire for the Wu-Jen mage subclass.
Minotaur sight restrictions:

Max Sight        : +7
Min Sight        : -1
Minotaur is a large race.
Minotaur combat adjustments from terrain:

Arctic           : -5   Desert           : +5   Forest           : -5   
Hills            : -5   Jungle           : -5   Mountains        : -5   
Plains           : +5   Swamp            : -5   Town             : +5   
Underground      : +10  
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