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help > skills > deathblade
Skill        :   Deathblade
Class        :   Deathknight
Cost         :   Passive
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   Instant 
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Stats Base   :   All
Syntax       :   do deathblade <type>
Examples     :   do deathblade drain 
This ability is limited only to the Deathknights. It is their
innate ability to call upon the powers of the afterlife to summon
an ethereal weapon to defend themselves. This ability can be
called upon at any time. The weapon is an extension of the
Deathknight, and can, therefore, never be broken, dropped, thrown
away, or given to anyone else.

The Deathknight may summon 4 types of deathblade as it gains

VORPAL:  This is the default setting.  do deathblade will result
         in a vorpal blade.  
COLD:    At level 15, the Deathknight may summon a blade of Ice.
         Of intermediate power, this blade affects a targets reaction speed.
DRAIN:   At level 18, the Deathknight may summon a Netherblade capable
         of draining an opponent.
UNHOLY:  At level 19+1 the Deathknight may summon an Unholy blade.
         This blade will deal the most damage out of the four.