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help > prayers > sanguinary ritual
Prayer           :   Sanguinary Ritual
Class            :   Zealot
Cost             :   100 + drain + 1 corpse
Prayer Time      :   1 rounds
Syntax           :   pray sanguinary ritual  <no mods>
Examples         :   pray sanguinary ritual
                 :   pray sanguinary ritual dispel

When the zealot undergoes the Sanguinary Ritual, he
calls out for the favor of the Blood Lords in return for 
a bloody sacrifice of the corpse of a foe slain by the 
cleric. Depending on how favored the zealot is in the 
eyes of his bloodthirsty deities, he will be gifted with
greatly increased prowess in combat. 

Be wary of the Blood Lords' desire to see blood spilled 
in combat, however. If their favor is not used to whet 
their appetites for destruction, they may revoke their 
favor to the dismay of their cowardly follower, such
is their wrath that this displeasure can even cause
death to the follower.

The same displeasure will fall on a Zealot so brazen
to throw away their favor via dispel.