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Clerics are the offensive intermediaries between the earthly and the
divine, or even infernal, worlds. Clerics must follow one of the six
factions of the Jihad. These holy or unholy missionaries seek out
anyone who will listen to the truths of their beliefs. However, they
also seek to destroy those who dare to sin against their religion, be
they followers who have gone astray, or followers of another jihad.

Each jihad puts their followers into a different realm of control and
belief, providing the clerics with a wide variety of purposes, skills,
missions and concepts. Many believe that clerics are mere puppets in
the hands of the jihad, doing the jihad's bidding, going out to
destroy in whatever means possible the followers and faiths of their
opposed or hated jihad.

Clerics must always remain faithful to their jihad and each cleric
must select one before calling for their jihad's aid.

Each jihad has its own cleric type as follows:

Everen, Goddess of Light              : Crusader
Karaveth, the Lord of the Middle Dark : Nefaricium
Blood Lords                           : Zealot
Gods of Many Faces                    : Aohitogusa
Great Old Ones                        : Cultist
Mother of All                         : Preserver


The other members of the cleric guild besides the Jihad specific
clerics are:
Monk   : Monks are followers of the mysterious 
         Eastern Gods, who are said to be ten 
         thousand in number. The training these 
         ascetics receive includes intense physical
         conditioning as well as mental exercises 
         and meditation.

NOTE: You must select a jihad in order for your prayers to work. All
members of the cleric guild must select a jihad.  As faithful servants
of their jihad, clerics may select any race they wish, even if their
jihad would otherwise not accept them.

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