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help > forms > bear
Form           :   Bear
Level          :   16
Upkeep         :   4sp (35sp to retain form)
Cost           :  (500)
Piety          :   40
Armours        :   Amulet, Other, Eyewear, Cloak, Armour
Weapons        :   Sword
Skills         :   Roar, Hug, Rage, Invulnerability
Syntax         :   shift bear

An incarnation of the Durability of Nature.  The enraged bear will continue 
to fight long after it sustains wounds enough to kill most creatures.  Its 
thick hide, and natural rage give it strong resistances to most damage 
types. Countering the ability of the "intelligent" races with brute force, 
it often uses it's massive bulk to its advantage.  The bear is known to 
sweep up its enemies in a bone crushing hug and ram them against against 
anything it can, crushing them with its huge body and interupting their