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RED DRAGON (dragon subclass)
     Red Dragons are the stereotype of what Dragons have been refered to
for hundreds of years.  These massive fire breathers have a multitude of
skills.  Their base element is that of fire.  Both their physical and
breath attacks do fire damage, though they are weak to their opposing
element, ice/cold.  They possess the strength of hundreds of men, but are
slow and lack the intellect of some of the other dragon species.

See also - "help dragon"
See also - "help skills <skillname>"

Red Dragons have the following skills:
tail		  armour	      weaponry		   attacking
awareness	  toughness	      breathe		   resistance
combat		  intimidate	      flight		   quickheal
Red Dragons have the following resistance adjustments:

Fire                            : +25
Cold                            : -20
Red Dragon stats:

Strength			: 180
Dexterity			: 40
Intelligence			: 80
Constitution			: 100
Red Dragons have the following skill adjustments:

awareness                 : +40

Obiwon 12/99     Updated 7-25-01 (Magius)