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GREEN DRAGON (dragon subclass)
      Green Dragons are truly mystical creatures.  They possess a natural
affinity with poison.  Exhaling massive clouds of poison gas and claws
dripping with thick vile chemicals, these creatures can be considered one
of the most dangerous creatures alive.  They possess massive strength and
fortitude of body, though they possess an intelligence slightly lower than
the average human.  Their remarkable bodies seem to naturally heal at a
rate faster than any of the other Dragon types.  However, food and
drink they consume has much less effect on them as it does the other types
as well.  They are immune to their own poisons, and highly resistant to
the venoms of other creatures.  But their superior bodies do not protect
them from attacks targeting the mind.  These seem to cause great trauma.  Be
it an overactive immune system or just a flaw in their chemistry, no one
truly knows what forces of nature make up this mystical creature.

See also - "help dragon"
See also - "help skills <skillname>"
Green Dragons have the following skills:

tail		   armour		  weaponry		 attacking
awareness	   toughness		  breathe		 resistance
combat		   intimidate		  flight		 quickheal
Green Dragons have the following resistance adjustments:

Poison                          : +25
Psychic                         : -20
Green Dragon stats:

Strength			: 180
Dexterity			: 40
Intelligence			: 80
Constitution			: 100
Green Dragons have the following skill adjustments:

awareness                 : +40

Obiwon 12/99     Updated 7-25-01 (Magius)