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help > spells > simulacrum
Spell        :   Simulacrum
Class        :   Witch
Cost         :   30 + 10/use
Casting time :   0 rounds (sample)
                 1 round (create NPC doll)
                 5 rounds (create player doll)
Syntax       :   cast simulacrum sample <target>
                 cast simulacrum <target>
This spell creates a magical simulacrum (doll) of someone; when that
simulacrum is damaged, the victim is also harmed.  In order to create
a simulacrum, you must first have a sample of your victim (typically
hair), which may be collected with 'cast simulacrum sample'.  Then the
simulacrum can be created.  Once created, the simulacrum lasts fairly
well unless used; it may be used to injure the target, or to place
curses upon them.

curse simulacrum with [x] -- Curses victim.  Cannot do pacifism.
destroy simulacrum -- Destroys simulacrum
needle simulacrum -- Cause damage.  The malice of the Witch causes
                     the damage type to be randomly chosen from those 
                     to which the target is most vulnerable.