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help > spells > shadow
Spell        :   Shadow
Class        :   Necromancer
Cost         :   30 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   3 rounds
Spell type   :   Summoning servant
Difficulty   :   Level 3
Syntax       :   cast shadow
Example      :   cast shadow
This spell summons forth a shadow from the netherworld to do
your bidding.  Once summoned, this shadow can be the ultimate
informant, stalking and studying a target before reporting back.

Unlike many undead, these sentient creatures can be very dangerous 
and if you fail to master one may have dire consequences.  The key
to this mastery is knowing the true name of the shadow.  If you
forget the true name, you may have difficulty locating or commanding
your servant.

You may command your shadows to 'stalk' someone through either
tells or by issuing commands aloud.  Once the shadow has received
such an order, it will immediately begin spying and will stay
with the target as long as it is able.  The longer it is able to
stalk someone, the more information will be available.

Once you believe a shadow has had sufficient time to study a
target, you may tell it to 'report'.  Once this order is received,
the shadow will appear before you and report its findings.  The
shadow is always accurate and will never report information
unless it is certain.  Consequently, if the shadow loses contact
with the subject before you request a report, it will have no
current data to supply.

While stalking a target, a shadow will also attempt to filch
items from the ground when able.  These items may be recovered
by telling the shadow to 'drop' them.  Upon command, a shadow will 
'get' items as well.  

If you wish, a shadow will simply 'follow' you around to the best
of its abilities, but otherwise will stay where left.

If you wish to grant a shadow its freedom, this can only be done
by using the phrase 'I release you'.  Obviously this does not work
if the shadow already is free (ie: uncontrolled).

Remember:  Shadows are very intelligent and sentient unlike
other undead a Necromancer may summon.  This sentience may result 
in a shadow fleeing rather than accomplishing a mission if it 
feels it is in danger.  Likewise extreme circumstances may lead
to it returning to its native plane or even turning on the summoner!

If you feel a shadow is stalking you, they are quite easily to
drive away.  As they are masters of stealth however, the difficulty
lies in knowing.