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help > spells > reanimate
Spell        :   Reanimate
Class        :   Necromancer
Cost         :   10 times the level of zombie animated
                 10 to recall
Casting time :   3 rounds
Spell type   :   Animating dead
Difficulty   :   Level 3
Syntax       :   cast reanimate <nickname>
                 cast reanimate recall
Examples     :   cast reanimate joe

The reanimate spell lets you animate corpses and turn them into
zombies that will follow your every command to the best of their
ability.  Animated zombies are slow, but they are good fighters.

This spell is cast on an available corpse.  Naming of the zombie
is essential, giving the necromancer the ability to command
each of his undead allies individually.  The <nickname> can be
anything the Necromancer chooses.

The zombie will respond to both 'zombie' and to its nickname.
The zombie's level is equal to the level of the corpse before it
was killed, minus one.  You can only make zombies of your level or

This spell requires a lot of effort and the stronger the corpse was
in its living days the harder it is for a Necromancer to control
its worldly remains.

A zombie will follow its master from room to room without need for
any specific command.  It moves as fast as its rotten body allows
and can lag behind if the Necromancer moves to fast.  Zombies 
that lose their masters will sit still until they decay or until
their master locates them.

You can command all of your zombies to return to you at once by
casting this spell again, with the 'recall' option.

Zombies can be given specific commands verbally by their masters.
The syntax is fairly specific.  The Necromancer orders his zombies
with the following syntax:

say <name>, <command>
say <name>. <command>
say <name> , <command>

<name> can either be 'zombie' or a specific zombies nickname.  Using
the nickname has only that zombie execute <command>, while using
'zombie' will have all of them do it.

The <command> that will be executed can be anything a normal person
can use and uses the same syntax.  The zombies can perform anything
from emotes to attacking commands like kill.


say zombie. get all                    - will have all zombies
                                         get all.
say zombie , give all money to alien   - will have all zombies
                                         give all money to alien.
say zombie , kill smurf                 - will have all zombies
                                         attack the first smurf
                                         in a room.
say fred, dance                        - will have a zombie named
                                         fred do the dance emote
say steve, say hi                      - will have a zombie named
                                         steve say hi

Zombies have three unique commands that their masters can use.  The
banish, attack, and status commands.  These commands are spoken
verbally using the normal command syntax

The banish command allows the Necromancer to release his hold upon
his undead servants, allowing him the ability to create new ones.

The attack command gives the Necromancer the ability to control
the aggressive nature of his minions.  Zombies will automatically
attack behind their masters when they are first created.  This
command will toggle auto-attacking on or off.

The status command has the Necromancers minions report a list of
current information.  Physical condition, carrying capacity, gold
carried, life span, and auto-attack setup will all be reported.


say zombie, banish
say guido , banish
say steve. status
say zombie, status
say zombie, attack

This spell can be cast quietly.