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help > spells > nightmare
Spell        : Nightmare
Class        : Deathknight
Cost         : (your level + 1) * 5 sp, to summon (cap of 50)
               or 20 sp to call an existing nightmare
Time         : 5 rounds to summon
               or 2 rounds to call an existing nightmare
Stats        : Magic
Syntax       : cast nightmare
               cast nightmare [follow | stay | dismiss]
               give <item> to nightmare
               get <item> from nightmare
               put all in nightmare
               get all from nightmare
               sell all from nightmare

You can use this spell to summon an infernal nightmare to carry you
about in your unpleasant business. A nightmare is similar to a
knight's steed in most respects.

A centaur who casts this spell will get his nightmare in the form of
a ghostly rider.