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help > skills > tactics
Skill        :   Tactics
Class        :   Warlord
Cost         :   20 sps (no modifiers)
Stats        :   Intelligence
Casting Time :   1 round
Syntax       :   do tactics
Syntax       :   do tactics 'mode'
Example      :   do tactics offense

The tactics skill is how the warlord sets up his army to fight. To change
from the basic 'normal' mode a warlord must have at least a squire and a
steed. There are a number of parameters you can use with the tactics skill.
These are as follows;

do tactics list  (lists available modes)
           check (shows you your current tactics mode)
           offense (sets your army up to try to do more damage)
           defense (sets your army up to try to reduce damage to the warlord)
           normal  (normal mode is every one just fighting normally)
           guard   (this mode has members of your army try to take blows 
                    intended for the warlord, this can get members killed so
                    be careful.)

Each of the modes have a significant effect on the fighting capacity of
the warlords army. You should try to work out how to use these modes to
the benefit of the warlord.

Note that while using the guard mode, the warlord will get 1 attack as
they are being shielded from combat.