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help > skills > steed
Skill        : Steed
Class        : Knight, Warlord, Paladin (via talent)
Cost         : (your level + 1) * 3 sp to summon (cap of 100)
               or 10 sp to call an existing steed
Time         : 5 rounds to summon
               or 1 round to call an existing steed
Stats        : All
Syntax       : do steed
               do steed [follow | stay | dismiss]
               give <item> to steed
               get <item> from steed
               put all in steed
               get all from steed
               sell all from steed

You can use this skill to summon your personal steed. Your skill
level determines the power of the steed. You may command your steed
to stay in the room, or follow where you go. If your steed is
separated from you, you may call him to your side for a small cost.

A centaur who uses this skill summons his pet rider instead of a