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help > spells > teleport
Spell		:	Teleport
Class		:	Mindflayer
Cost		:	30 sps	
Cost 		:	30 sps (adjustable)
Casting Time	:	3 Rounds
Syntax		:	cast teleport <adjustment> <location>
Examples        :       cast teleport -10 green
			cast teleport +5 setdest green
			cast teleport +10 cleardest green
			cast teleport nuke all
The teleport spell allows the caster to open a doorway to a predefined spot.
The locations must be set using - cast teleport <mod> setdest <name>.
To remove a set teleport destination - cast teleport cleardest <name>.
To remove all teleport destinations - cast teleport nuke all.
The teleport spell will only work on predefined locations, not on people or
npcs.  The locations will be remembered for a time, and will tend to be lost
over time and will need to be remembered again.  Varying the adjustment on 
the teleport will increase/decrease it's effectiveness.