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help > spells > snuff
Spell        :     Snuff
Class        :     Dracolich
Cost         :     20 + phylactery energy
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     1 round
Syntax       :     cast snuff [<target>]
Examples     :     cast snuff 
                   cast snuff shonuff
                   cast snuff all

     Dracoliches are able to attack the very core of a foe's being
by employing this spell.  Reaching into the depths of a target's 
soul, the dragon will attempt to squelch the very spirit that
serves as the ground of that victim's existence.  By doing so, the
Dracolich will partially sever the target's connection with the
current plane of reality, damaging the victim and making it harder 
for him to receive the benefits of most types of healing for a 
short time.

     All life in a room may be attacked via "cast snuff all."

     This spell has an average drain on the Dracolich's phylactery
when used on single target, and an above average drain when employed 
against a room.
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