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help > spells > annihilate
Spell        :   Annihilate
Class        :   Wu-jen
Cost         :   ALL SP (50 minimum)
Casting time :   instant
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Syntax       :   cast annihilate <target>
Examples     :   cast annihilate
                 cast annihilate shade
Cooldown     :   20 seconds

With this spell, the mage summons forth the remainder of his or
her magical power into a single point of energy in an attempt to
overwhelm their opponent with a huge blast of VORPAL damage. 
Consequently, this spell leaves the mage with ZERO spell points.

WARNING:  Casting this spell is extremely taxing upon the mage and
          will result in a period of helplessness during which the
          caster can do very little beyond wonder and collect his
          or her thoughts.

This spell cannot be cast quietly.